Peace Corps celebrates 50th anniversary

by Rodney Jaleco


Video of eight children from Rehoboth Children’s Home in Camiling during their visit/performance at the folk life festival in Washington DC.



WASHINGTON DC - The Peace Corps celebrated its 50th year anniversary and brought 8 orphans and abandoned children from the Rehoboth Children’s Home in Camiling, Tarlac to the folk life festival at the National Mall in Washington DC.

The children showed off the Philippine national dance and challenged the audience to test their own footwork.

They also showed curious Americans how to cook pancit.

Rehoboth at Camiling.NetChildren dancing during the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps.

The Peace Corps has been in the Philippines since 1961. Peace Corps volunteers now serve in over 140 countries but chose only 14 to join the Washington fest that drawa about a million visitors each year.

"Peace Corps volunteers help in our institution. They work as full-time staff without pay and they’ve been helping us work on development programs and life skills”, said Amelia Toquero, the Executive Director at the Rehoboth Children's Home.

“They train the children to make them independent,” she added.

The 250 Peace Corps volunteers in the Philippines is one of the biggest contingent anywhere in the world. Another batch is arriving this month.

Volunteers Leah and Tom Ferrebee have been working with children at the Rehoboth Home for two years. They say it's all about the kids who are excited about their first trip to the US.

“I was told before I moved to the Philippines how friendly and welcoming Filipinos are, and that was so true,” Leah said.

“I absolutely love the community I live in. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t feel loved, accepted and supported. We laugh and have fun. I will miss most the youth that I work with and the sense of family I have in the Philippines,” she added.

The Ferrebees are already wrapping up their stint. They are leaving a little of themselves in Tarlac and bringing a bit of the Philippines when they go home to Virginia Beach.

Source: ABS-CBN North America Bureau, July 06, 2011